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Charles Wadee, MD

Internal Medicine

Whether you just turned 18 or are going into your 60s or 70s, primary care and internal medicine place a high emphasis on your health. Charles Wadee, MD is an internal medicine provider in Anderson, SC, with experience and thorough training. Internists focus on preventive medicine to help you avoid the pain of recurring symptoms.
Once you become a patient of Dr. Wadee's, we will build a foundation that helps you get healthy and stay healthy. Not only can he prescribe medicine for sicknesses, but he can also help you eat, sleep, and exercise better year-round.


We get to know you, not just your symptoms!

Holistic Medicine

Holistic medicine is not naturopathy; holistic medicine is a whole-person approach to medicine. Internists provide holistic medicine to get a clear picture of your overall health. That way, we can keep you on track and uncover why you have specific symptoms when you get sick. It makes it easier for you to get treatment that keeps you feeling well.

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4.7 stars | 26 reviews
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